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ABSTRACT CURVES #2 Premium Bicycle® E-Z See® LoVision® Playing Cards for visually impaired players (in many colors)

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You would love to play cards with your friends but you find it difficult to see the numbers in standard card decks. Feel left out ? No worries ! Get one (or more) of our Premium Bicycle® E-Z See® LoVision® Playing Cards end enjoy endless hours of card playing !

Great for elder people who would like to keep an active social life but find it challenging to play with regular card decks. Show them you care by giving them one of our Premium Bicycle® E-Z See® LoVision® Playing Cards as a gift. They will, definitely, love it !

Our Premium Bicycle® E-Z See® LoVision® Playing Cards come in many different designs (each one in a number of color combinations) with the following features:


  • Tailored to the needs of visually impaired players with extra-large fonts & simple color-coded system to discern between suits
  • Poker-size Playing Card Deck (2.5” x 3.5” – 6,4 x 8,9 cm)
  • Each deck contains 52 Playing Cards & 2 Joker Cards (in a Bicycle® cardboard case)
  • Durable patented quality paper
  • Semi-gloss coating finish
  • Smooth & easy to shuffle
  • High-quality design printing on premium Bicycle® Playing Card Deck
  • Made & shipped directly from the USA

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COLOR DISCLAIMER: Please bear in mind that we strive to make our colors as accurate as possible. Nevertheless, there are bound to be slight differences and some of the colors you see on your screen may not appear as bright on the occasional actual product. This is expected due to discrepancies between (i) the variety of color calibrations across individual display monitors which display colors in the RGB color spectrum (i.e. the particular color profile of each customer’s computer screen), (ii) the variety of color profiles in the CMYK color spectrum across different printers on which our products are printed and (iii) the varying color effect on printing media, i.e. the actual product material(s) on which the designs are printed. Different product material(s) / media, such as cotton, polyester, plastic or canvas, will display the same color in completely different ways. In this context, kindly note that the product colors you see on your screen are intended as a guide only to which, however, we will do our best to adhere.

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